Jon Dean

Jon started his career as an aeronautical engineer working for British Aerospace, on the initial design and development of new concepts for commercial and military aircraft.  As he progressed through the management levels of the company he became more involved in organisational change programmes, which were many and various in an organisation moving from a domestic nationalised institution to become a fully competitive multi-national venture.  He played a leading role in “Benchmark BAe” which is one of the most ambitious corporate change programmes ever attempted, as described in the book “Vertical Take-Off”

Jon then moved to PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting as a strategic change specialist where he worked on many programmes, ranging from IT transformations (Oracle and SAP), process changes, such as introduction of (New Product Development processes) through to leadership development and corporate transformation for clients in engineering, telecommunications, defence, fashion, healthcare and food manufacture.  Jon became independent in 2004, and since then has helped clients in achieving change goals through facilitation, coaching, training and provision of expert advice.

Professional expertise/specialities

Jon helps businesses to develop and achieve goals through the practical application of change management principles. He is a master facilitator, and has delivered workshops large and small for managers at all levels from Chairman, board and leadership team through to first line supervision. He works cross-sector, with clients in telecommunication, defence, healthcare, construction, law, finance, food and industrial products and has delivered workshop worldwide.

Particular specialities include:

  • Lead facilitation of large/high profile events
  • “Top Team” development
  • Change management advice, coaching and training for senior managers
  • Development of organisational project management capability through the GDPM (Goal Directed Project Management) approach
  • Bespoke workshops to solve problems, develop strategic approaches and plans
  • Facilitation of project workshops
  • Project partnering
  • Team development

BSc in Aeronautical Engineering
Chartered Engineer
Licensed to deploy Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator



Key personal strengths:

  • Energy
  • Creativity
  • Integration of hard and soft skills
  • Wide sector and functional experience both as a manager and consultant
  • Learning as a fun and challenging experience
  • Ability to work to build on client’s existing approaches and collateral