Tracey Cleaton

Tracey is likely to be your first point of contact at h2h. She will ensure your details are captured and that you are put in touch with an appropriate consultant. She keeps everything running smoothly whilst our consultants spend their time out and about with clients, so that everyone is supported and kept up to speed with any changing arrangements.

Tracey’s background is in education and music. She has a first degree in music from Bretton Hall College and subsequently a PGCE from Leeds Polytechnic. Tracey worked as a primary school teacher in Leeds for 15 years, during which time she led a team of 8 adults and was responsible for up to 90 children.

In 2004 Tracey left full-time teaching in order to co-found Epiphany Music Ltd. Whilst Tracey maintains her role as a Director of Epiphany Music she has diversified her career and is now drawing on her business experience as well as her background in learning to support the team at h2h.