Yasmin El Dabi

Yasmin coaches senior executives to have greater impact and influence. She also coaches top teams to have real conversations to create high performance.

 At the core of her work is behavioural flexibility and a deep understanding of internal and external blocks which might hinder change. Her approach considers the wider system that a team or an individual is part of.

Pragmatic in style and goal focused,Yasmin is particularly good at creating an atmosphere of trust so her clients can work at depth.

With 20 years of consulting experience, working across many sectors and industries. She has extensive team and individual coaching experience from CEO and Board Director level to middle management.

Half German and half Sudanese, she grew up in Germany and has lived in the UK for more than 20 years. Perhaps it’s this mixed background which leads her to a fascination in differences – individual, gender, cultural, organisational and national. She brings this fascination to her work.

Outside work, cycling, swimming and reading are part of her life (although her young daughter takes up much of her time and attention!) She loves travelling, exploring and learning.


Professional expertise/specialities

  • Develop and hone authentic leadership skills
  • Develop influence skills, impact and style
  • Develop the necessary skills and steps to take on a larger organisational role
  • Motivate and inspire those around them to achieve greater success for the organisation
  • Develop a clearer sense of purpose and direction


  • Certified Trainer of the Positive Power & Influence Programme®
  • Accredited MBTI Practitioner®
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPCC)
  • Certified coach and faculty member with the world-recognised Coaches Training 
Institute (CTI)
  • Organisation Relationship and System Coaching (ORSC) trained
  • English & German (fluent)


Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Key personal strengths

  • Passionate and inspirational coach
  • Genuine, builds rapport and trust
  • Outcome driven
  • Assumes an objective and non judgmental stance
  • Challenging, resilient and people centred
  • Intuitive and committed to helping others reach their full potential
  • A catalyst for change