h2h Coaching Academy

Coaching provides a challenging thinking space that enables people to access fresh ideas, develop and confidently apply new approaches and to fulfil their potential

Who can benefit from coaching?

The simple answer is anyone who wants to improve, grow and be the best possible version of themselves at work. Coaching can be of particular benefit to:

  • New managers stepping up from ‘doing the job’ to ‘managing the people doing the job’
  • Senior leaders who need to adapt their style to get the best from their teams
  • Individuals wanting to develop a more agile approach in their interactions with key stakeholders
  • Individuals experiencing career transition, e.g a new role, promotion, change in direction
  • Individuals who wish to progress in their career but are unsure of the right path to take

The benefits

Coaching brings with it a wealth of tangible benefits for both individuals and organisations. For individuals, it can increase personal effectiveness, performance and achievement at work as well as developing relationship skills, communication skills and improve work-life balance. As a result, organisations that invest in coaching for their people see a positive impact on business management, team effectiveness and ultimately see a return on their investment through better performance.

Coach selection

The coaching relationship is a very personal one, and at h2h we believe coaches should have some choice in who coaches them. We have an experienced team of 7 coaches with a range of styles and approaches and we will help you to choose the best coach for your needs. All of our coaches are experienced, have accredited coaching qualifications, subscribe to a professional code of ethics and have supervision arrangements in place.

Susan Binnersley


Coaching Qualifications

  • Graduate of Meyler Campbell Business Coach Programme
  • Certified Business Coach accredited by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches

Coaching Style

Susan has a passionate belief in the potential and resourcefulness of individuals to achieve their chosen goals. She will help you, as a senior leader, to pinpoint exactly what will make the difference for you. She will explore how you may achieve this and challenge you to achieve what you know you are capable of. As an experienced facilitator of change and leadership development, Susan can offer a variety of techniques that clients find helpful. These include tools that enhance self-awareness, models and frameworks that offer food for thought on potential solutions and action planning for results.

As well as one-to-one coaching, Susan is a talented and experienced group coach. She creates a safe, provocative and productive environment for teams to accelerate collective and individual performance.


“The coaching sessions are hugely motivating, producing great results and feedback and I now look to get the best out of every situation. I am now a more effective manager, a better leader and am more productive in myself and within my role.” (Head of Department in a major PLC)

“I felt exhilarated and enthusiastic about my future career.” (Major in the Armed Services)

Julie Kay


Coaching Qualifications

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Executive Coaching (Ashridge Business School)
  • ILM Performance Coaching in Leadership
  • Team Accelerator Coach Programme – Graduate
  • CoachU Coach Training Programme – Graduate
  • NLP and Time Line Therapy Practitioner
  • Mental Toughness Development Programme
  • Professional Certified Coach PCC (International Coach Federation)
  • Accredited to deliver psychometric profiles including Wave, ECI360, Voices 360, and NEO PI-R

Coaching Style

Julie particularly relishes working with leaders to develop their emotional intelligence, increase their personal impact, build their resilience and create strong, trusting relationships within their team and with stakeholders. She enables this through one to one, and team coaching and group facilitation.

Her key strengths are:

  • Incisive questioning and empathic understanding to get to core issues quickly.
  • Flexible and responsive to client needs
  • A balance of challenge and support to generate new thinking and stretch leaders to perform at their best
  • An insightful, perceptive and intuitive coaching approach
  • A direct, down to earth, and succinct communication style
  • A focus on applying the learning to real world, sustainable, performance improvement.

Clients themselves describe her as warm, direct, insightful and stretching.


I have used Julie for several assignments, including coaching for myself, over the years with some startling results. Julie’s positive but honest approach has drawn the best out of people who were simply destined not to achieve their potential before they sat down with Julie. The outcome is that both the business and individuals have seen tangible gains from the investment in coaching with Julie. (Owner of Data Technology Company)

Robbie Lightfoot


Coaching Qualifications and Accreditation

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Business & Personal Coaching – Barefoot Coaching/Chester University
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching Supervision – Barefoot Coaching/Chester University (currently pending)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in HRD (GradCIPD) – Salford University
  • NLP Business Practitioner and accredited Fierce® conversations facilitator
  • Licensed to use the following: Baron E-Qi Emotional Intelligence & Team Management Styles Instrument, Transformational Leadership Questionnaire and A&DC Assessment materials

Coaching Style

Robbie has over 1000 hours experience in Business and Personal Coaching and has spoken on the topic of Coaching & Mentoring at two National Conferences. The main focus of Robbie’s coaching lies in his ability to help clients to make breakthroughs in their thinking and behaviour in order to overcome challenges or achieve goals. The results are often significant changes in performance at an individual level leading to real business results.

Passionate about coaching Robbie has an authentic and motivational style. He uses a flexible approach which takes account of the needs and energy of the client and the outcomes that are required. The coaching draws from a wide range of techniques and theories which include solution focused, mindfulness, NLP and cognitive behavioural coaching. These are used in conjunction Robbie’s own intuition and experience.

The qualities that he utilises to get consistent results for his clients are energy, insight, focus, tenacity, challenge, empathy and support.


The Coaching time which I shared with Robbie (I say this because Robbie at no time made me feel led, he skilfully let me come to my own conclusions) was invaluable to me at a time when I was leading my business towards major change. One of the greatest ‘eureka’ moments was when Robbie simply challenged the way I was self-critical on certain perceived skills when these were not core to my activity in the organisation – even in my role as MD.

Alongside this, he was able to help me through four key issues with which I was struggling to handle alone, again challenging and probing to find the solution which would work best.

Finally, he was able to help me drive out a level of procrastination I had developed over the years and subsequently I now act in a far more decisive way than previously.

I would certainly recommend Robbie to anyone needing that extra resource in their organisation who can help in ‘making sense of it all’.

Managing Director
Supplier of Equipment into the Oil & Gas Industry

Helen Gisbourne


Coaching Qualifications and Accreditation

  • Accredited member of The Association for Coaching (UK),
  • The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.
  • A licensed Investors in People Specialist
  • Health & Wellbeing Award Adviser/Assessor
  • National Training Awards Assessor

Coaching Style

Helen brings pragmatic and real life experience for clients and has specialist expertise in coaching individuals in both business and personal issues. She provides results driven support and works in an empathetic yet self-enabling style that has both immediate and long term benefits.

Intuitive and value driven, believing in open and honest relationships where solutions to problems can be found. Passionate about people and committed to working with individuals and organisations to improve their performance and increase opportunity.

Feedback from clients confirms her approach is outcome driven and they can clearly describe the difference her involvement has made to their business and to the people working within them.


“My time working with Helen was brief but during our coaching relationship I gained so much and it opened up a lot of new possibilities for me.

I found an instant connection with Helen as she is a very approachable and she instantly put me at ease – having never had a Coach before I was very nervous and I don’t often talk as openly as I did with her. She made the whole process very easy and she is very sensitive.

Helen helped me to see my strengths – some of which I had never noticed before or had disregarded over time. She also helped me to highlight important development areas which were very important to build on when refocusing my career aspirations.

Overall, my experience with working with Helen was enjoyable, helpful and extremely insightful into my character – both in my working life and in my personal life. It gave me back the motivation to push forward again and helped me to realise that I still have considerable potential. This has helped me to use this potential in a positive way.

My only regret is that I didn’t get to work with her longer”
EDF Energy Coachee/candidate

Debbie Mitchell


Coaching Qualifications and Accreditation

To compliment her years of coaching practice, Debbie completed an ILM Level 5 Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring in 2014, and her coaching is delivered under the Association for Coaching’s code of ethics. More recently Debbie has undertaken a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology.

Debbie has coached high potential employees, emerging and senior leaders in a variety of organisations, including automotive, financial services, pharmaceuticals and FMCG. She also delivers Coaching and Mentoring training for line managers in a number of organisations.

Debbie was a contributing author to “50 Top Tools for Coaching – 3rd edition” by Gillian Jones and Ro Gorrell, published by Kogan Page (2015).

Coaching Style

Debbie is passionate about working with individuals to develop their confidence, capability and potential through the power of coaching. She will help you to identify your development goals, and using a range of tools and frameworks, will work with you to achieve them. Her focus will be on enabling you to achieve real and relevant results.

As well as one-to-one coaching, Debbie is an experienced group facilitator and has worked with teams to collectively identify opportunities for improvement and address issues that impact effectiveness.

Clients have achieved tangible benefits as a result of the coaching provided. Examples include:-

  • Building professional confidence and self esteem
  • Increasing self-awareness, enabling personal development
  • Developing leadership capability
  • Developing strategies to improve professional relationships
  • Identifying opportunities to optimise team engagement


Client references are available on request. The following are a sample of comments made by previous clients about what they valued from the support.

  • “This was the best 2 hours I have spent in a long time. I gained some very useful skills and it helped me recognise areas in which I am able to improve to better achieve my goals”
  • “Debbie got the right amount of support and challenge – she pushed me sufficiently hard to really think about my situation but didn’t make me feel threatened or intimidated.”
  • “Great listening skills, gave me lots of time to think and reflect which I don’t usually get, asked some really searching questions which made me examine my situation from totally different perspectives.”
  • “…excellent at identify the root cause of my ‘issue’. The sessions have been incredibly helpful at focussing my attention and effort on the right priorities”
  • “Debbie is a brilliant coach and facilitator – she has worked with a cross-section of individuals within the business, providing a wide range of services, including executive facilitation, mentoring and coaching. Debbie delivers a highly professional service whilst remaining friendly, supportive and approachable” – COO