Using coaching to implement your leadership skills

The Challenge

Business schools help equip leaders with a wealth of knowledge and tools, but the challenge for many is how to then implement their new skills in a live working environment. Couple an ongoing business school education with an ambitious change programme in your workplace, and the challenge becomes even greater.

For one manager in one of the country’s leading high performance engineering businesses, this was the challenge he was facing and he needed help to understand how to use his skills to lead, manage and motivate teams across multiple functions in the business.

While tackling the change programme and the year-long business school course to develop a new leadership style for the business, the leader turned to Susan Binnersley at h2h for expert coaching.

The Solution

The business needed a coach with expertise in their field and drew on h2h’s heritage in engineering and manufacturing to make sure they got the most out of their investment in a new leader.

The programme involved a series of coaching sessions that looked at the needs of this leader’s individual teams, understanding their individual personalities and analysing and implementing the most effective leadership styles for each person.

The leader who worked with Susan says: “Occasionally I’d hit a roadblock in the change programme and Susan always helped to unlock my thinking, clarify the vision and then help me to drive it forward.

“Her support has helped me understand how to behave on a day-to-day basis. I have a very cross-functional role so I need to be able to adapt styles to get the most out of people.

“She played a critical role in helping to change the department in a very busy high performance organisation. When the programme finished, we created a development plan and I then got Susan to stay on to continue the journey with me and the whole of the team.”

The Outcome

After initially working with the business leader, Susan now works across the business to help key members of the team develop their own leadership skills and support the ambitions of the organisation.

The business leader adds: “Susan has had a great impact across the business and the team always gets a lot out of it. We wanted to build on it and that’s why we still work with her today.

“She generates respect and we wanted to tap into that. We want to get the right type of people into our organisation and Susan is one of those.”

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