Supporting your business and people through organisational change

The Company

The British based company is a world leader in the specialist field of chemical manufacturing. It has
over 25 years of experience in the innovation, production and delivery of materials to a diverse range
of industries including aerospace, electronics and energy.

The Need

The company needed to restructure one of their sites in line with their business strategy meaning that
a number of roles were at risk of redundancy.

As a company with strong people values, the organisation needed support from h2h in the design and implementation of the consultation process, in order to ensure that positive working relationships were upheld during a difficult period of workplace

Through an initial diagnostic process, we established that we would add most value in the
following areas:

• The need to realise a pragmatic and timely organisational effectiveness review
• Support in the delivery and management of the consultation process
• Provision of independent and confidential outplacement support

The Response

We assigned one of our Lead Consultants, Helen, to oversee the whole process from end-to-end and
to provide a bespoke and results–focused solution to the business need, combined with empathetic
and reassuring support for all employees.

Helen worked in close liaison with both the site manager and the HR team to assess the current
working practices across all the teams and identify areas with the potential for reorganisation. Once
these areas had been determined, Helen was able to direct and support managers through the
consultation period by providing a custom-fit process checklist covering all aspects of the review
including: timelines for action, allocation of resources, drafting of new job descriptions and compilation
of skills-based assessment criteria.

The site manager says:

“Helen got involved in March 2016 and we worked closely together until June/July of the same year.
During that period we completed an organisational effectiveness review and Helen helped with putting
together the design of the review, resources, job descriptions, selection criteria and outplacement
support. She helped all the way through the consultation process and with the mapping of people into
new or modified roles. We could not have done it without Helen’s support and assistance.”

Once employees had been identified as being at risk of redundancy, Helen was instrumental in the
analysis of the different conditions of service and redundancy packages available and provided
independent and meaningful outplacement support on an individual basis. As part of our Newleaf
programme, and in line with the company’s people values, employees were able to take full advantage
of our online tool kit, webinar, workshops and face-to-face and telephone coaching sessions.

The site manager goes on to add:

“Helen was on site as many days as we needed, there were never any issues getting hold of her, she
has a very good work ethic and was very committed to the cause.“

The Outcome

Fantastic Impact 1

Upon completion of the project, all of the objectives of the restructure were successfully achieved and
the business realised the necessary cost savings.

Incredible Impact 2

All of the people affected by the restructuring were either redeployed to other roles within the company or went on to find alternative employment or career paths as a result of the Newleaf programme.

Amazing Impact 3

The site manager concludes:

“I do not think that we would have achieved the required result without Helen’s support and

Helen continues to work with the company on other projects.

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